camping sleeping pad

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camping sleeping pad

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The bus itself was done up beautifully. Comfy beds and a turtle travel pillow good kitchen with all you need for an easy weekend. Lovely benches and chairs around the bus so great for groups. Close to the toilet and shower block. Which was always nice and clean. Lovely hot water. Great access to the beach. Which is stunning. Had a great swim in the sea. About 30 mins walk to Lowestoft although a bus service is available. Would 100% stay again! Friendly and helpful staff. I have always had a love of the outdoors, for walking and for wildlife, but as you know life gets in the way, work, family, kids etc.. However the main reason my wife and I have stepped out' as virgin hikers is because, well, we wanted to get out, to do the things we couldn't whilst the kids were at home, to have some us' time.

Neither of us are drinkers, party going social types, don't get me wrong we love to socialise, just not with the noise of modern life. The quiet footpaths or wooded lanes of the countryside are idyllic places, and much more relaxing and congenial than a pub or rab sleeping bags a party. The other reason we have started to get out and hike is because of my health, after having numerous health problems we've recently discovered the onset of Parkinson's, and at the age of only 45 it's a little bit of a shock. However, never to be daunted we've grabbed the bull by the horns as it were and ventured out into the hills and snugpak sleeping bag fells and woods and fields of this beautiful green land in an attempt to do as much, go as far and and last as long as possible.

During our recent hiking trip in the Lake District I had the immense joy and pleasure of spending three lovely evenings sitting on the YHA Keswick balcony over the river Greta. This provided us with not only outstandingly beautiful views of Skiddaw and Blencathra but also regularly extended periods of observation of the local bird life. We sat for over 30 minutes watching a gorgeous little Dipper, hopping and singing around the rocky river bed, even on occasion dipping' into the river and walking along the bottom catching fishes. Thank you Mr Dipper. Younger patients may not be able to use certain medications at camping sleeping pad first.

The rain seemed to stop, although it may have been that we were now in the cloud that was raining underneath us, which if you think about it is rather awesome. Upon our arrival in the quaint town of Keswick we had a look around the market place, very pretty, then found the Youth Hostel we were staying in. We had never been in a Youth Hostel before and didn't really know what to expect, all I can say is that we were very pleasantly surprised, it was a lovely building with a lounge, balcony over the river, a kitchen and dining room for self-catering and the rooms were very clean, the beds extremely comfortable, and even thought we had to share with six other people, it didn't matter an ounce.

We set off through Keswick, as the most shops were waking up, to rejoin the Cumbria Way on the other side of the town, the path led us through some open playing fields, across a narrow bridge over the lovely prestige river and into the quaint village of Portinsscale, we could have followed Wainwrights suggestion and took the ferry, but we were on a walking holiday so we walked. Here we came across a medley of paths, it was a little confusing but my GPS placed us on the head of the correct path and we continued up. This path was apparently engineered by some 18th century Army Major so that he could enjoy his retirement walking up Catbells, and it's still sound today. Catbells is a lot steeper and more rugged than Wainwright let on, don't be fooled by the nostalgia of this mountain, it will challenge you.

The path was twisty and steep, some sections bare rock, others loose stone, there is double sleeping mat a good scramble near the top that takes some thought and care for first timers like my wife and I, but the appearance of a young girl running down it and an old couple climbing it bolstered our courage immensely. My new compass, which I am immensely proud of and wrote this post just to show it off, is a Recta DO 390, that I purchased of Ebay. I don't think this model is made any more as I couldn't find anything on the internet about it, except a board Изображение that mentioned it being around £25-£30, I got for £8.